Shayne Hooper
People Consultant
DDI: 03 345 8758
Mobile: 022 390 9438

In 2018 I graduated from the University of Canterbury with a Bachelors’ degree in Commerce, majoring in marketing and management. My studies in management included papers in human resources, leadership, recruitment and job analysis. During my studies I developed a keen interest in HR and believe people form the life blood of any organisation. One of the things I enjoy about my role at Brannigans is putting the knowledge I’ve gained to good use.

I also have five years of experience in the hospitality industry; this work involved managing staff, meeting targets and focusing on training and health and safety. It was here that I gained invaluable experience working as part of a management team.

Wellbeing is a topic of interest for me; I oversaw the development and delivery of a wellbeing programme for a leading utility contracting company with more than 300 staff. My work involved creating a solution that would be accepted by staff, would provide strong return on investment for the company and would improve general wellbeing. I found it exceptionally rewarding to work alongside the company’s HR team and to oversee a project of this scale.

At Brannigans, I love working in the ‘business of people’, and all the opportunities and challenges that brings. My work involves supporting our clients with all of their people needs. I also specialise in online advertising, so we can attract the best of the best. My role is the perfect mix of HR, recruitment and marketing. Diversity and Inclusion is another area of expertise, and I love helping our clients achieve greater innovation and commercial success, along with more diverse, happier and healthier teams

Outside of work, you can find me spending time with family and friends, or at each and every concert I can get to. I’m a big lover of music and there is no better way to experience it than in a live setting.