Sally Wynn-Williams
Partner | People Consultant
DDI: 03 345 8759
Mobile: 027 478 5554

While on my OE in London working in international banking, I discovered the HR team and had the lightbulb moment! I wanted a career that was more people-centric than I currently had and I decided just had to be part of HR and recruiting.

When I came back to New Zealand I talked my way into a recruitment role and also went back to uni to study HR part-time to really get an understanding of what this industry was all about. I moved into an HR role for a large company in the building sector, and for the next few years I went between Brannigans and in-house HR roles and having children. When the opportunity arose to buy Brannigans, I jumped at the chance and we haven’t looked back since!

I head up the HR consultancy side of the business working with clients around their strategic and operational plans. Sometimes this means joining a client’s team for a few months and becoming part of their business, or I could be found working as an organisation’s outsourced HR Manager. We love seeing tangible improvements to our clients’ businesses by providing practical advice that works. It also provides variety for us. No two days are the same!

I have a resourceful ‘make it happen’ attitude and am able to coordinate projects in a tight timeframe. It’s about a positive attitude and having the confidence that we can do anything that is needed. HR solutions can’t just be soft and fluffy, they need to add value and make an impact on the bottom line – it’s about commercial outcomes and making peoples work lives better.

I also really enjoy being involved in the governance and operational side of running a business. Leading a team of cool, fun, high-performing professionals is very rewarding.

As a business owner and a mother, it’s important for me to remain balanced. I’m committed to focusing on a good work/life balance that allows me to keep family and friends a priority while being successful at work. Kids’ sports, trying to keep fit, being a mobile ATM, entertaining friends, and trying to stay sane all come bundled together – I wouldn’t have it any other way.