16 April 2020 / 12:12 pm

The Future is Now for the Flexible Workforce revolution

An emerging trend from conversations with our clients is the demand for plug-in professionals. A flexible resource to facilitate projects or fill existing capability gaps within their organisations. The current dynamic environment post Covid-19 is amplifying this trend.

Global trends (prior to Covid-19) predicted that an incredible 80% of workers would be looking for work in flexible (contractor)and virtual (working offsite) roles by 2030. Closer to home, it is estimated that over 140 000 New Zealanders are already part of the flexible workforce.

Harnessing a flexible workforce offers tangible benefits including:

  • Deliver projects or initiatives that require specific skills that are not needed on a permanent basis or currently within your team
  • Flexible workers don’t have to work on site, work regular or business hours; they are output focussed
  • Immediate access to talent to complement existing team capability
  • Alter or deploy new strategies quickly
  • A growing number of expatriates are returning home who are not necessarily looking for permanent roles – tap into their global networks and experiences
  • Access to non-local talent via virtual work platforms
  • Drive productivity by having a specialist carry out the project or task

Brannigans has a wide network of flexible professionals who are able to support you now, or in the future, across a broad range of skills and experience, they can work as and when needed and only charge for hours worked – an on-tap workforce.

We are here to help you harness the best talent for your virtual team. If you would like to discuss how Brannigans can help supplement your existing team with flexible team members, it would be great to talk.  Call Mary Rowley on 021 1520005 or mary.rowley@brannigans.co.nz