27 March 2020 / 10:38 am

It’s (still) business time…

As business leaders our first and top priority is containing and minimising the impact of COVID
19, looking after our teams, family, communities, and not to forget, ourselves. We are also laser
focused on minimising the long-term economic impacts on our people and organisations.

Here at Brannigans we have invested some time to brainstorm with our team on how to best
deploy our 60+ years of experience to support our clients in these challenging times.
Currently we are working with clients in the following areas, which may be useful to your

  • Organisational review and restructuring
  • People strategy – supporting continuity planning and implementation
  • Workshop facilitation – identifying risks and opportunities
  • Professional contracting – flexible contractor support as required
  • Pandemic planning – specialist advice and practical support; we have an expert in our team
  • Executive mentoring – pairing you with an expert industry mentor
  • On demand HR support


Like many we have been digesting a lot of information and two of the best articles we have
found on business continuity are from the Harvard Business Review and McKinsey.

Some of the key learnings we’ve found useful include:

  • Have a balanced response incorporating; strong communication, your team and customer
    needs, policies, business tracking and reporting and being part of the broader solution
    within your community
  • Seek out experts and forecast carefully and frequently
  • There’s a lot of conflicting information out there, and it’s understandable that your team
    choose to minimise their ‘mental drain’ by looking to their leaders for advice. Create and
    share a regularly updated summary of facts including your organisation’s position
  • Assemble a trusted team and give them the autonomy to communicate and do what is
    needed. Information is changing fast and the team needs to be empowered to be nimble
  • Prepare for a changed world; every problem brings opportunities – businesses need to act
    in the present, but plan for the future in order to be well positioned as markets recover


We appreciate we are operating in a dynamic environment. If you would like to discuss how
we can support you, to simply have a coffee and act as a sounding board or assist with all the
above drop us a line.

Nick, Sally and the Brannigans Team