08 February 2021 / 4:39 pm

Expats – make sure you’re ready to be shoulder tapped/headhunted!

The number of expats returning home has boomed since the global spread of COVID, giving our talent market a much needed boost.

Most returnees have been away for more than five years and on their return will be looking for positions, many senior and highly technical due to the international job market.

So while this bodes well for employers, how are you prepared to return to an unknown talent market?

Here are some practical ways to prepare yourself to be a candidate:

Ensure your LinkedIn Profile is up to date.  Employers and recruiters search under multiple categories so to ensure we can find you:

  • Update location where you are going to be based to search for work
  • Ensure all your most recent work experience is current
  • Add a snapshot under each role so we can quickly assess your experience
  • List your key skills
  • Make sure your testimonial/‘about me’ section is relevant and employment focused
  • Change settings to open to work/available for work/open to relocate
  • Change current job title to ‘actively seeking opportunities in New Zealand’ or ‘open to opportunities in New Zealand’

This will help you to kick start your job seeking journey and help us to find you.