19 July 2017 / 11:01 am

Authentic Leadership in a Changing World

Leadership is critical in today’s world for any individual in a work environment, be it an entry level or senior executive role. There is a constant need to update and upgrade your knowledge and skills and stay relevant in changing market conditions. Continuing our support of executive development, Brannigans recently sponsored the UC Thought Leadership Series evening with Harold Hillman on Why Authentic Leadership Really Matters. The full presentation can be viewed here.


“Thank you Brannigans for sponsoring a marvellous event with an inspiring speaker at a fantastic venue,” says David Shearer, Director of Executive Development Programmes. “Our team at the University of Canterbury (UC) enjoyed working with you to organise a great event that provided plenty of insights for the audience on authentic leadership.”


UC Executive Development Programmes (EDP) work closely with industry to provide qualifications that address the challenging demands of modern business. EDP designs its taught master’s degrees based on industry feedback and job market requirements. Executive education is a proven anchor for the development of leaders across levels, providing them with behaviours to make a difference within themselves and to their organisations (more information here).


UC EDP programmes focus specifically on developing:

  • Business acumen
  • Strategic leadership
  • Individual leadership


As part of UC’s industry engagement activity, EDP offer integrated internships and projects that provide students with the opportunity to apply knowledge gained in class to real organisations. Businesses benefit by deploying talented postgraduate students to identify, analyse, evaluate issues and provide business solutions to areas that are of strategic importance.


“It’s a win-win situation for both students and organisations,” Shearer says. “EDP currently has master level students across all courses from Business Administration, Management, Information Systems, Professional Accounting to Financial Management, seeking project and internship opportunities in the upcoming months. This is an opportunity for industry, public and not-for-profit organisations to meet the academic world in redefining ‘Talent and Leadership’.”


If you would like to engage a postgraduate student to analyse a critical business need in your organisation, email executivedevelopment-projects@canterbury.ac.nz


For more information:

David Shearer

Director, Executive Development Programmes

University of Canterbury