26 February 2018 / 10:56 am

Attracting international human capital to Christchurch

There’s a lot of talk about needing to attract new capital to Christchurch, in particular, the central city.

But we don’t talk enough about the need to encourage more human capital to Christchurch from the international talent pool. This human capital might take the form of new migrants or expats, with many of the latter now signalling a desire to return home.

What both groups offer Christchurch is diversity, an invaluable global perspective, new networks and, often, investment capital.

We’re currently fielding a lot of enquiries from expats who, when visiting family during the holidays, have noticed the growth in the city since last time they were here. They are definitely eyeing up the immense opportunities and lifestyle Christchurch offers.

Increasingly, recognising the value of a global perspective is part of the changing nature of the recruitment market and what employers value. Sure, there’s a requirement for the core skills but we’re seeing a lot more emphasis on the softer skills; the ability to have emotional intelligence, build meaningful relationships, lead, analyse, problem solve and think on your feet.

The environment we operate in now is far more dynamic with technology and disruption coming at us at a rate of knots. You can see it as a threat or an opportunity. The companies that engage new team members who can adapt quickly, identify and analyse where the opportunities and challenges lie, will be the ones that will be best positioned to take advantage of these opportunities moving forward.

  • This article was prepared by Nick Carter, Director at Brannigans.