John Squire
Leadership Development Coach
Mobile: 021 455 254

I’m a Christchurch-based coach and facilitator, working with individuals and groups throughout New Zealand.

I spend time with people to help them boost their performance and make lasting beneficial change. Dealing with both personal and workplace challenges as well as development areas, we work together to identify strengths and talents that can help clients become the best version of themselves.

I enjoy working with individuals from all levels within organisations and have a real interest in, and passion for, assisting leaders to hone their skills.

As a certified strengths coach (strength of character rather than arms and legs!), I love to help people further develop the things they are already doing well. We look to uncover helpful and not so helpful beliefs and use conversation and other tools to determine how thoughts and behaviours may be altered to help clients become more effective.

Holistic wellbeing may sound a little cliché, but clichés often exist because they are true. I am committed to the whole person wellbeing of my clients – how we are as employees, leaders, stress managers, family members, and owners of our habits and beliefs are all considered when designing coaching plans.

My approach uses proven tools developed through the science of positive psychology and effective coaching research, as well as personal experience.

I believe in the benefits of coaching, and practice what I preach. As well as having a coach myself, I partner with several coaches and counsellors who can provide specialist assistance for clients.

The workshops are designed to enhance the leadership capability, personal resilience, wellbeing, and performance of individuals and, therefore, the functioning of their organisation.

My spare time usually includes blasting down hills on mountain bike or skis, spearfishing, yoga, and travelling with my beautiful wife Sue.