The Flexible Workforce revolution is here

An emerging trend both globally and nationally is the demand for ‘plug-in/ professionals on a flexible basis to facilitate projects or fill existing capability gaps with no demand for onsite resource, or a working relationship relying on proximity.

We have been thrust into a way of working that relies on the virtual world and what felt out of reach and impractical has now become a tangible and easy way of managing a workforce.

Harnessing a flexible workforce offers numerous benefits.  

  • Enables you to deliver projects or initiatives that require specific skills that are not needed on a permanent basis
  • Flexible workers don’t need to work on-site or work regular hours; often working in the evenings if required – it is output focussed.
  • Immediate access to talent to augment and complement existing team capability
  • It allows you to alter strategies or deploy new strategies quickly 5.
  • With a growing number of expatriates returning home without necessarily looking for permanent roles you are able to tap into their global networks and experiences
  • Access to non-local talent via virtual work platforms  

Brannigans has a wide network of flexible workers who are able to support you now or as you enter recovery or to support and lead projects critical to your success.  

Services include: