Governance Appointments & Advisory

Our approach to governance appointments recognises the need to identify and attract the best candidate to complement , contrast and add value to the existing mix of experience, skill sets and backgrounds of those already sitting around the board table.

Never before have Directors been open to such visible accountability, measurability and scrutiny from shareholders, regulators, media and the public as they balance their fiduciary responsibilities and the challenges and opportunities of today’s environment. Brannigans has extensive experience making successful governance appointments to public and privately held organisations and across a wide array of sectors.

Services include:
We hunt out and maintain strong networks with candidates who are widely known and recognised in the market place, but also encourage interest and participation from ‘emerging Directors’ with many high performing people not considering such a move unless they are identified and encouraged to think about governance opportunities.
For each governance appointment is we commence with a clean slate and tailor a process to meet the specific needs of our clients, managing a professional and thorough appointment process working around your requirements. The foundation of any appointment process is understanding our clients requirements including your organisational goals and strategies and how this is reflected in the attributes of an ideal candidate.
Given the ever increasing average age of business owners in New Zealand, and growing emphasis placed on succession planning their is a often a need to appoint external Directors. We appreciate the subtlety and sensitivity often required with these appointment processes (especially when our client is a family owned business) and we are experienced at working alongside our clients to guide them through the process.
With the growing visibility and importance of Directors it is critically important that our clients understand the profile of their potential appointments. We conduct meticulous reference checks to ensure that information is verified, and a better appreciation of the candidate’s suitability is developed. We also undertake criminal and financial background checks and can also conduct social media and public record checking via our PR partner, in order to gain further insight where required.