Case study

Leadership Development Case Study

The Challenge:

Our client’s business was expanding and they came to us for help in building an internal leadership team to suit their increasing complexity and growth challenges. They needed visionary leaders who could excel at collaboration and partnering, see the ‘big picture’, handle vastly diverse situations, and ultimately deliver results.  Brannigans was asked to develop a methodology and programme to allow them to achieve that goal and identify leaders from within their talent pool.

The Solution:

After ensuring the key strategic priorities were understood, Brannigans ensured that leadership candidates were correctly identified through a comprehensive assessment programme. From there, with a focus on personal development rather than a specific job, development plans were created, validated and implemented for each of the staff identified with leadership qualities.

The Result:

Our client now has a group of eight senior executives who are well-equipped for the future and who understand the strategic needs of the business and their roles within it.