Case study

Executive Appointment Case Study

The Challenge:

A large, successful family-based business in Invercargill tasked us with finding the best CEO in the marketplace to take over the reins from its existing Managing Director.  Their prerequisites for the successful candidate included a strong strategy creation skillset and a good understanding of a complex, vertically-integrated business.

The Solution:

We created an comprehensive multi-faceted marketing strategy to help recruit the right candidate.  It included industry-leading targeted digital advertising to expat Kiwis in major cities around the world – for example, those who were checking online news sites like on their mobile devices while commuting to work.  A deep dive search via our Recruiter Licenses and other more traditional advertising was also put in place to flush the market.

The Result:

Our client was overwhelmed with the calibre of the shortlisted candidates which attracted over 200 qualified candidates in 4 weeks, and the successful candidate has integrated extremely well into the family business.  Our client has since given us additional recruiting assignments and referred us to other businesses they represent at a governance level.