Emma Clarke
People Consultant
DDI: 03 345 8754
Mobile: 021 142 4379
Email: emma.clarke@brannigans.co.nz

As the newest addition to the team, I’m fresh out of completing my Masters at the University of Canterbury. I started off doing a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Media Communications and Psychology, with an initial plan of pursuing journalism. As I progressed in my studies, different things fell into place and I ended up doing a Master of Science in Applied Psychology. What I loved about my studies is everything I did involved people. This is one of the best things about working for Brannigans – we are ‘The People People’! After finishing my thesis and graduating, I began my first ‘real world’ job at Brannigans.

Brannigans is a cool yet professional team. Everyone is really supportive and happy to help out. In terms of my professional development, it’s been fabulous and I’m excited to be building my skills and finding my niche within the team. In my consulting role, I love the amount of people I get to talk to. Hearing candidate’s stories and where they’ve come from for our recruiting roles is just so interesting. I get exposure to many different industries and backgrounds too. The best thing about my role is it allows me to use my strong communication skills and attention to detail, as well as my background in media and communications to handle our high-tech online advertising and search strategies across multiple Recruiter platforms.

Outside of work, music is a huge part of my life. Here in Christchurch there are lots of unique places cropping up, which is helping attract local and international artists back to the city to perform gigs. Now is definitely an exciting time for new opportunities in Christchurch. I also do a radio show every week on RDU98.5FM where I often interview musicians – it’s awesome for keeping up to date with everything that’s happening locally.