David Ferrand
Leadership Development Coach
DDI: 03 341 5120
Mobile: 0275 540 408
Email: david.ferrand@brannigans.co.nz

Please note: David is currently on secondment

I first discovered Brannigans as a candidate. I was placed twice into senior roles by one of the partners and when the third time came around she asked if I was interested in getting involved in the Brannigan’s leadership programme. I’m proud to say that I’m now the manager of that team!

Prior to Brannigans, I was involved in general management and business development within a range of industries such as insurance, tourism and FMCG. Exposure to these sectors gave me a real world understanding of how good leadership can positively influence organisational success. One of my favourite quotes is, “You can have the best business plan from Harvard, but if you don’t have an engaged culture it will never happen”. So many issues can be attributed to not having clear values and a mission, which is where I can – and do – help.

Brannigans is specialises in appointing the best executive level candidates throughout New Zealand, but we also do a lot more than simply that. You’ll always get the best of our team, whichever area of our expertise you’re needing. Everything we do is specficially tailored to our client’s unique requirements. We’re smart and we understand business and people quickly which means we can get to the core of where the opportunities lie and come up with clever solutions. It’s a significant advantage that we have such a strong business skill set as a team and I have total confidence that if I don’t have the answer, we’ll have the answer within the business. You’re not dealing with an individual; you’re always dealing with Brannigans team as a whole, and I’m delighted that I’m part of this great bunch!

When I’m not at work, you can find me running, playing squash, and generally being active, I also love love travel and photography, but of course at the top of the list are my wife and kids!